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Easy Ways To Retain The Heat In Your Home




Amongst the most uncomfortable and awful things to face in a freezing winter is a cold house. Spiraling energy bills deter us from turning up the heat, and the alternative appears to be to suffer in silence – the chattering teeth does not allow silence. A quick analysis will tell you if the system is producing heat efficiently or not, if efficiency is not an issue then probably you are allowing the heat to escape.

There are ways to keep the house toasty and warm. If despite having the heat cranked up the house seems chilly, it could possibly be owing to air leaks that are letting the heat out and the cold in. The basic check to carry out is a visit to each room to see if any of them is colder than the other. If some room is colder than other, then you need to check around any doors that lead to the outside as well as the windows in the room.

There exist many low cost options that address the problem of draft. Options such as rope caulk and door sweeps are cost effective and fix the problem speedily. Rope caulk is used to seal up windows and door sweeps address the issue of draft that may be entering from underneath the door. Both are very economical yet very effective tools.

Another inlet for cold air is the chimney. A chimney that is open all winter long allows heat to escape and cold air into the house. If drafts are not caused by doors and windows then the chimney could be the culprit. A precaution to take is to close up the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. This small precaution can make an immediate difference to heat retention.

Sunshine is a great source of natural warmth, so if the sun is shining open up curtains to let it in. You might be surprised at how much heat is generated by doing such a simple thing, and the best part is its free! You can see how solar paneling would easily be able to generate enough energy to heat a house.

A programmable thermostat is another solution to achieve a warm house and yet keep the energy costs down. A programmable thermostat can be set to lower levels when you are under blankets in bed at night and be set to higher levels when you are awake. This is the easy option to practice to achieve a low bill and yet keep the house warm – the cost of a good thermostat is well justified and makes it all worth it.

Heat may also be lost to an unfinished basement. You may wonder how this can be if it’s closed off from the rest of the house, but where is your water heater? It may be losing heat before it even gets into the rest of your house. You can purchase inexpensive outer casings to protect heat loss.

If you have tried all the easy tricks and your house still feels like a tomb, it may be time to get your insulation checked. Of course, no one wants to hear this. Ask for a couple of consultations to see if the insulation is doing its job. If it’s necessary to replace it, check carefully and shop around for different installers. You may be surprised by a lower cost than you originally anticipated. Besides, in the long run these changes may result in reduced heating costs.

The way to beat spiraling energy bills and yet keep the house warm is by taking a few precautionary steps that do not cost a whale lot of money and yet are effective.

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